Goal #54: In a poem


Thank you to the many wonderful poets out there who have helped put orbisculate in verse form...

By Geoff Anisman

I squeezed an orange tightly with my hand

It spritzed ascendent 'cross my kitchen's land;

Acidic citrus landed in my eye.

Orbisulated, now I mourn, I cry.

By Brian Gallagher

When the universe

orbisculates in your face,

orbisculate back!

By Bob LeDrew


My minneola

Succulent, sweet, tart: worth the


By Twila Nesky


The innocent fruit

Approach with apprehension

It orbisculates. 

By Anne Louise Feeny

of The Haiku Ninja Collective


Look out. That grapefruit

Will orbisculate your eye.

Put glasses on first.

By Kristine S


A juicy squirt in the eye

It is gonna burn.