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Below are citations of orbisculate in the media and on personal websites.

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  1. The coronavirus death toll tops 100,000 in America. My father is one of them. (NBC News)

  2. Neil Krieger, 78, biotech consultant who fought for civil rights (JTA)

  3. My Word: Words and prayers from a pandemic bubble (The Jerusalem Post)

  4. Is ‘orbisculate’ a word? The late Neil Krieger’s children want it to be. (The Boston Globe)

  5. Worthy Reads (JewishInsider)

  6. ‘Orbisculate’: Boston natives launch campaign to add word to dictionary in memory of late father (WHDH 7 News)

  7. Siblings Campaign To Add Father's Made Up Word to Dictionary (WBZ Radio)

  8. ‘The Prom’ and What’s Making Us Happy (NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour)

  9. Living Through Corona: A Word For Dad (WBUR Radio Boston)

  10. Citrus Is My Therapist (Food & Wine)

  11. Words of the Week of the Year 2020 (Because Language podcast)

  12. Heavenly Bottom (Bananas podcast)

  13. Blursday, doomscrolling, and the words of 2020 (Christian Science Monitor)

  14. Coining A New Word (WBZ’s Connoisseurs Corner)

  15. Local siblings seek to get late dad’s fake word in dictionary (Magic 106.7)

  16. Here’s juice in your eye. There’s a word for that. (Washington Jewish Week)

  17. Nightside With Dan Rea (iHeartRadio)

  18. 500,000 Covid deaths means 500,000 families like mine denied a proper goodbye (NBC News)

  19. Orbisculate: How a made-up word became a way to honor a father lost to Covid (Forward)

  20. A family is trying to get 'orbisculate' into the dictionary to honor their dad who died of Covid-19 (CNN)

  21. Family Of COVID-19 Victim Wants To See 'Orbisculate' In The Dictionary (NPR's Morning Edition)

  22. Family hopes to get citrus-squirting word 'orbisculate' into dictionary to honour father (CBC's As It Happens)

  23. US family wants to honour dead father by getting his word in the dictionary (NewstalkZB's The Mike Hosking Breakfast)

  24. Syracuse grad tries to get ‘orbisculate,’ a word invented in CNY, added to dictionary (

  25. Ever heard the word Orbisculate? You will soon! (HIS Radio)

  26. Family Wants Late Dad’s Made-Up Word, “Orbisculate,” In Dictionary To Honor His Memory (Tank's Good News)

  27. La Prima Cosa Bella (La Repubblica)

  28. A family is trying to get 'orbisculate' into the dictionary to honor their dad who died of Covid-19 (Summarizer)

  29. In Memory: The People Behind the Pandemic (CNN)

  30. Their dad died of covid. Now they’re trying to get the clever word he made up into the dictionary. (The Washington Post)

  31. Kings and Kingmakers (Unholy)

  32. You can’t look it up… yet: Siblings seek to honor late dad with ‘orbisculate’ (Times of Israel)

  33. The Authoritarian Impulse (Stay Tuned with Preet)

  34. Stand Clear of the Squirting Fruit: ‘Orbisculate,’ Coined by Late Alum, Forges Path to the Dictionary (Cornell Daily Sun)

  35. Tale of flawed fictional dictionary a delight (Winnipeg Free Press)

  36. Sarah Silverman & José Andrés Help Siblings Get ‘Orbisculate’ in the Dictionary (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

  37. Siblings seek to honor father who died of COVID-19 by adding his made-up word to the dictionary (CBS Evening News/CBS Sunday Morning

  38. News of the Week: Long Walks, Ernest Hemingway, and Have You Been Orbisculated Lately? (Saturday Evening Post)

  39. In Memoriam (New York Times)

  40. To Coin a Phrase (Cornell Alumni Magazine)

  41. Words With Friends Adds ‘Orbisculate’ to In-game Dictionary in Remembrance and Celebration of Neil Krieger (BusinessWire)

  42. Siblings Seek to Honor Late Father by Adding His Made-up Word to the Dictionary (WFXB Fox TV)

  43. You don’t know what ‘orbisculate’ means? (Plus 61J Media)

  44. City Updates Housing Element on Orbisculate Day’s Eve (Citrus Heights Messenger)

  45. Children of Covid Victim Try to Add New Word to Dictionary in Memory of Their Father (MSNBC's Deadline: Whitehouse)

  46. Warning: This Fruit May Orbisculate (Reader's Digest print edition)

  47. Alum Memorialized with Campaign to Promote His Made-Up Word (Cornellians)

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