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Help spread the word and support a good cause!

T-shirt design by Orbisculation Nation resident artist Megan O’Hara.


When we lost our father, we were amazed at how little guidance and support was available for the many things needed when someone passes away. Carson’s Village is working to change that. The organization helps grieving families with everything from funeral arrangements to finding ways to defray burial costs to information on organ donations to advice on writing an obituary. In addition, they support the family for over a year to ensure that they are healing in a healthy way on their path to their ‘new normal.' All totally for free. 

100% of the proceeds from anything you purchase will go to Carson’s Village. If you are as nerdy about words as we are -- and we hope you are -- you might, like us, reflexively feel skepticism about promises to donate all “proceeds.” So to be as clear as possible: 1) We at Orbisculation Nation don’t have any paid staff. Any work is being done voluntarily or paid for out of our own pockets. 2) Custom Ink, the company producing and vending the t-shirts, does take a cut from every sale to cover production costs, staff, raw materials, etc. When you purchase one, they will show you exactly how many dollars have been added to the total amount raised.